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The power of Google Cloud in France operated and secured by S3NS, the ambition of S3NS is to obtain the SecNumCloud label, the highest level of certification issued by the French government, in accordance with France's national strategy.


The trusted cloud by S3NS at a glance

Designed for French public institutions and private companies (in particular Operators of vital importance & Operators of essential service)


  • Data & workloads hosting in datacenters, in France, accessible only by S3NS staff
  • Operated & secured by S3NS, a French company, majority owned & fully controlled by Thales
  • Aims for the SecNumCloud label by ANSSI, the highest level of security for unclassified data, to be a trusted cloud
  • Competitive price compared to the classic “Public Cloud” offer


  • Rich and competitive service offer (“quasi-mirror” of standard GCP in terms of services, updates and performance)

Targeted certifications



Label defined by the French National Information Systems Security agency and approved by the government a "trusted cloud".

New certifications coming soon

Security & compliance


Creation of S3NS: a French company entirely controlled by Thales

A French company, majority owned and fully controlled by Thales.


Data residency in France

In France, in dedicated rooms, near the three Google France datacenters. Accessible only to S3NS personnel.


Double physical and logical data isolation

Physical (network, racks and servers) and cryptographic (identities, root of trust, encryption in transit and at rest) isolation.


Thales trusted technologies

Use of technologies and services developed and/or controlled by S3NS for encryption, monitoring of logs and cyber threats and identity and access.


Operation and support by S3NS

Operations carried out by S3NS, with the assistance of Google Cloud and Thales when necessary. Support done by S3NS. Monitoring provided by S3NS and telemetry partially shared with Google Cloud.


Update controls and audit by S3NS

Controls and validation by S3NS. Google Cloud code audit capability by S3NS.


Commercialization by S3NS under French law

S3NS operates under French law.


A solution that aims to obtain the SecNumCloud label

SecNumCloud from the French National Information Systems Security agency, the highest label issued by the French government for unclassified data. Defined for the purpose of protecting against extraterritorial laws.


The best hyperscaler capacities on the market with complete confidence.

Performance.svgThe power of Google Cloud

A rich service offering that offers the GCP catalog, at the same level of performance and continuous development.

Fichier 4@4x 1.pngIn France

Infrastructure and data located in France, physically and logically separated from GCP and operated by French citizens.

icon_lockerOperated, secured & commercialized by S3NS

A French company fully controlled by Thales in charge of encryption, identity, supervision, operations and support.

icon_checkAiming for the SecNumCloud label

The highest level of security requirements, certified by the SecNumCloud label which is part of the cloud strategy of trust of the French State.