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Find out more about our Cloud offers

Alliance between Thales, French leader in cybersecurity, and Google, world leader in Cloud offering the best technologies at the service of innovation, S3NS will is to offer French public institutions and private companies wishing to protect their sensitive data a "trusted cloud" offer meeting ANSSI's SecNumCloud label criteria.


Local Controls with S3NS

The power of Google Cloud, in the new France region, with additional guarantees provided by Google Cloud and controls by S3NS (in particular the encryption of customer data), allowing you to both reduce security risks, strengthen your compliance and start your transition to the cloud of trust now.

Service OfferingGoogle Cloud
ContractingS3NS French company, controlled byThales
Data hostingInFranceinGoogledatacenters
Operation & SecuringGoogleThalesfor security bricks & controls
Security & ComplianceReduce security risks and strengthen your compliance

Trusted Cloud by S3NS

The power of Google Cloud in France operated & secured by S3NS, aiming to be a trusted cloud (SecNumCloud label), the highest level of certification issued by the French government, in accordance with the French national strategy.

Service OfferingGoogle Cloud
ContractingS3NSFrench company, controlled byThales
Data hostingInFranceinS3nsdatacenters
Operation & SecuringTechnology operated and secured byS3NS
Security & ComplianceAim to be trusted cloud