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The power of Google Cloud in France with Thales as a trusted partner to accelerate its transition to the trusted cloud.

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Local controls with S3NS at a glance

Designed for French public institutions and private companies (in particular Operators of vital importance & Operators of essential service). Available today in Early Access.


  • GCP almost entirely with the same SLAs & the same target certifications, and consistent with the trusted cloud offer
  • Data & workloads Hosting in France. Support provided by European staff
  • Opererated & secured by Google Cloud


  • Superior security & control provided by S3NS as a trusted partner, especially to manage encryption keys for data at rest
  • Accelerate your transition to the trusted cloud, reduce security risks, and strengthen your compliance
  • Competitive price compared to the classic "Public Cloud" offer

Targeted certifications


SOC 1/2/3

Internal controls for security, availability, completeness of processing and confidentiality of data.



Good practices that merchants and service providers must follow in order to protect cardholder payment data and more broadly account data.



Framework to strengthen the security and protection of personal health data.


ISO/ CEI 2700x/22301

Set of best practices and list of security controls to manage the risks of information security and business continuity management systems.

Security & compliance


Data residency in France or in Europe

Functionalities Guaranteeing the storage of data in France or in Europe (at the customers' choice) of Google Cloud products and their dependencies.


Support and operations carried out in Europe

Support performed only by personnel located in the European Union (with possible exceptions for rare cases of advanced support). From the end of 2023, S3NS will take direct support.


Data-at-Rest Encryption

Operation by S3NS of an External Key Manager and cryptographic control over data access via Key Access Justifications.


Access transparency and approval

Explicit customer approval required for any access to customer content by Google Cloud support and engineers.


Simplified GCP Certifications

Capitalization on all existing GCP certifications.


Environment similar to the future trusted cloud

Services available, version of services, user experience, data residency constraints.

Why choose the intermediate offer Local controls by S3NS?


Accelerate your transition to the trusted cloud

  • Start your commercial & operational relationship with S3NS now
  • Have similar environments & services to facilitate your migration to the trusted cloud
  • Anticipate by several months the increase in skills of your teams (recruitment and training)

Gain transparency, apply additional controls and strengthen your compliance

  • Use GCP with your data, workloads & support in France or Europe
  • Benefit from the encryption of your data at rest by S3NS
  • Apply additional measures and controls

White paper Local Controls by S3NS

Discover our first offer in detail, the security bricks, the local measures and controls made available to you, in particular the management of keys at rest outsourced to S3NS.

Download our white paper

Discover the trusted cloud by S3NS

The power of Google Cloud in France operated & secured by S3NS, aiming to be a trusted cloud (SecNumCloud label), the highest level of certification issued by the French government, in accordance with the French national strategy.