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Published on 10/26/2023

S3NS and PASàPAS have teamed up to develop a new SAP data hosting solution that addresses the performance and safety challenges posed by the mass uptake of cloud technologies.

Paris, 25 October 2023 – S3NS and PASàPAS partner to help accelerate the migration of SAP customers in France to the cloud.

S3NS, a joint venture majority-owned and fully controlled by Thales in partnership with Google Cloud, provides French companies and institutions with cloud offerings that combine the best of Google Cloud performance and services with highly secure technologies developed by Thales, a global leader in cybersecurity. PASàPAS, a Talan company specialising in SAP solutions, has over a decade’s experience in helping customers migrate to the cloud.

S3NS and PASàPAS have come together to address the sensitive data protection needs of French companies using the SAP S/4HANA enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. In an initial phase, SAP S/4HANA deployments managed by PASàPAS will be backed by “Local Controls with S3NS”, an offering that provides enhanced security, data hosting and support in France (or in Europe), S3NS-managed data encryption, and control over data access by Google. Phase two of the partnership will build on S3NS’s ANSSI SecNumCloud-certified cloud services, which will be available from the second half of 2024, enabling French organisations to transition to a trusted cloud that protects their data from the application of extraterritorial laws.


We believe that this partnership will support our ambition of accelerating the digital transformation of many of our customers, offering a more secure alternative to their existing information system, with stronger data-protection guarantees.

Managing Director of PASàPAS


At S3NS, our goal is to develop an extensive suite of innovative applications and services that complement Google Cloud technologies. SAP is a leading ERP vendor. Its systems are mission-critical for many organisations and are extremely popular among our customers. So it makes sense for us to make SAP a cornerstone of our offering. Our customers expect nothing less.

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PASàPAS is part of Talan, an international consulting group focused on innovation and technology-driven transformation. The company, which specialises in SAP solutions, helps its customers transform their information systems for greater operational efficiency. PASàPAS currently employs 400 people in France, delivering an extensive range of services – from deployment project scoping and execution, to managed services, support and maintenance – to 350 customers.

About S3NS

S3NS is an innovative alliance between Thales, a French leader in cybersecurity in Europe, and Google Cloud, a global leader in cloud technologies. S3NS aims to provide French public institutions and private companies looking to better protect their sensitive data with highly secure public-cloud services. In the second half of 2024, S3NS will launch a suite of ANSSI SecNumCloud-certified cloud services, building on its existing “Local Controls by S3NS” offering. S3NS is a French company controlled by Thales.

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Marion Bonnet

Media Relations, Security