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Published on 11/22/2023


Neuilly-sur-Seine, 22 November 2023 - As part of its ongoing partnership development drive, SFEIR, a digital strategy and technology consulting firm, has signed a new deal with S3NS, a joint venture set up by Thales and Google Cloud and controlled by Thales. This new partnership is in line the IT security component of SFEIR’s corporate strategy, as well as tying in with S3NS’s strategy of growing its network of trusted integrator partners.


"We already work with S3NS on projects for some of our customers, and we felt it was important to make the arrangement official. This partnership is testament to SFEIR’s position as an expert user of S3NS’s services. It underscores our ability to support organisations with particularly complex data protection needs. Data protection is a critical consideration for many public-sector organisations, for financial services and health-care providers, and for critical national infrastructure providers, who are often bound by strict regulatory requirements or need guarantees as to where their data is hosted."



"S3NS was founded in 2022 with the aim of protecting data hosted in the cloud. It is important to know we can rely on respected, like-minded partners such as SFEIR. This partnership brings our joint customers the dual benefit of SFEIR’s cloud performance expertise and our guarantees around sensitive data protection. We already have a number of projects in the pipeline, and I fully expect many more to follow once we have obtained certification to SecNumCloud v3.2."


SFEIR already has a proven track record in deploying the “Local Controls by S3NS” offering, which combines the Google Cloud Platform environment with enhanced controls from S3NS. The consulting firm has built a customer support product around this initial S3NS offering and is currently developing related training materials for its customers and partners.

For SFEIR’s customers, the “Local Controls by S3NS” offering – which includes a Google Cloud Foundation and Landing Zone – provides an additional layer of security and transparency, helping them to stay compliant with data protection requirements.


« We help our customers prioritise their most sensitive data pipelines for migration from an existing cloud or on-premise environment to the S3NS environment. We also draw on our engineering capabilities to determine the data governance arrangements, to devise the technical interfaces between the customer and S3NS environments, and to make sure confidential data are fully protected against unauthorized access. »


In 2021, Thales and Google Cloud announced plans to set up a joint venture controlled by Thales. S3NS was founded in 2022 with the mission of addressing the data protection and control requirements imposed by French and European law. As S3NS’s first public-cloud offering, “Local Controls by S3NS” combines an extensive catalogue of services – mirroring the public version of Google Cloud Platform in terms of features and performance – while leaving customers secure in the knowledge that their data is stored France, with French technical support from S3NS’s team, S3NS-managed data encryption, and control over data access by Google. S3NS is aiming to bring its proprietary, Google Cloud-independent, SecNumCloud v3.2-certified trusted cloud offering to market in the fourth quarter of 2024.


SFEIR is an independent digital strategy and technology consulting firm. We coach companies in their digital transformation by providing them with support and resources specialised in the development of cutting-edge applications. With seven locations in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, a network of 800 expert developers and an ecosystem of technology partners, we harness the best of technology to help our customers execute on their strategy.

About S3NS

S3NS is an innovative alliance between Thales, a French leader in cybersecurity in Europe, and Google Cloud, a global leader in cloud technology. S3NS aims to provide French public institutions and private companies looking to better protect their sensitive data with highly secure public-cloud offerings, enabling them to transition to the ANSSI SecNumCloud-certified trusted cloud. S3NS is a French company controlled by Thales.



Marion Bonnet

Media Relations, Security