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Published on 10/18/2023


Paris, 18th October 2023 – S3NS, a French joint venture controlled by Thales in partnership with Google Cloud, announces that Matmut has chosen its “Local Controls by S3NS” offering for more secure data management in the cloud.

Under the partnership, Matmut will gain access to Google Cloud’s latest capabilities and features in big data, analytics and data management, secure in the knowledge that its data will remain stored in France, with enhanced, GDPR-compliant security and support.

With 4.2 million members in France, Matmut collects and processes a significant volume of data. Enhanced data security and control are key priorities of the group’s digital transformation, as it looks to set new standards for speed and efficiency, with services geared towards the needs of its policyholders.

Mutual insurance company Matmut has opted for the “Local Controls by S3NS” offering as it aims to step up the pace of its digital transformation, strengthen its focus on data control and security, and establish a position at the forefront of innovation in the insurance industry.

The move is fully aligned with the internal change component of Matmut’s Plus de Matmut 2021–2023 strategic plan and leaves the insurer secure in the knowledge that its data is stored in France, with encrypted access control, a French technical support team, and a transparent view of Google Cloud admin activity. Matmut hosts its core business data at its own on-premise data centres. For its data science platform, the group has taken a hybrid approach, entrusting data management to a European leader in cybersecurity and data protection, and opting for a technology package that meets its requirements in terms of performance, transparency and enhanced data control.


« As we seek to transform our AI/ML data platform, we are on the lookout for cutting-edge solutions within an environment that is integrated and secure by design. We are particularly interested in the potential offered by SecNumCloud certification. Our partnership with S3NS will give us the data and AI capabilities we need to address the strategic challenges that lie ahead, to prepare for our transition to the trusted cloud and to remain compliant with the latest regulatory requirements. »

Chief Technical Officer, MATMUT


« Matmut has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to innovation and IT modernisation. At S3NS, we are proud to be helping the insurer work towards its digital transformation and data management goals. Matmut joins a community of French insurance companies that have opted to raise the bar for cybersecurity and data protection, with the backing of a global leader in cloud technologies.»


On a day-to-day basis, S3NS will deal with the insurance company’s dedicated Data Department, which was set up to manage an ever-growing volume of data. Matmut will gain access to Google Cloud’s proven analytics capabilities, secure in the knowledge that its data will remain stored in France, with S3NS-managed encryption, a Europe-based support team, guaranteed auditability and enhanced transparency.

S3NS has experienced strong growth since its founding in June 2022, with a team of more than 90 employees as of 2023. The company’s SecNumCloud-compliant cloud services will be available from the second half of 2024. Since its launch in February 2023, the Local Controls by S3NS offering has expanded to include a wealth of infrastructure and data management services.

About S3NS

S3NS is an innovative alliance between Thales, la French leader in cybersecurity in Europe, and Google Cloud, a global leader in cloud technology. S3NS aims to provide French public institutions and private companies with highly secure public cloud offerings, enabling them to transition to the ANSSI SecNumCloud-certified trusted cloud. S3NS is a French company controlled by Thales.

About Matmut

With 4.2 million policyholders and 7.9 million insurance policies under management, Matmut s a major player in the French insurance market. Matmut serves all market segments – individuals, small businesses, corporations and non-profits – providing them with a comprehensive range of property/casualty insurance products (in segments including motor, boat, home, liability, family protection, health, legal expenses and assistance) as well as financial services and savings products (car finance, project finance, creditor insurance, savings accounts, life insurance, retirement savings plans, etc.). Matmut currently has 6,500 employees and generated €2.5 billion in sales in 2022.



Marion Bonnet

Media Relations, Security